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Friday, February 3, 2012

Fatty on the Tram

   And I'm not talking about me.  (Though I can't say that the seats are very generous, if my posterior is on its best behavior, I can ride fairly comfortably).
    The fatty was in the hand of a somewhat disreputable young man who boarded the train with his friend.   He was standing directly in front of where I was sitting with a still-smoldering joint that would make a Rastafarian proud.  Just waving it around, no discretion at all.  And I happen to know that smoking on the tram is not allowed. Nor is eating and drinking, but I won't mention that to some other guy whose snarfing a baquette and washing it down with a Coca-Cola.   And I certainly will not say anything to Monsieur Doobie or his pal.
    By the way, if anyone wants to know about the bird I described on Facebook, I found out it's a Common Wood pigeon or Culver.  The bird is common in Britain and the continent.   
    I also found out that the people of Brussels don't handle driving in the snow much better than our friends in Georgia.  It took Brett two hours for a 30-minute commute.  Needless to say, he's enjoying a cocktail right now.


  1. I love reading about your life over there!

  2. Part of my home office setup are two bird feeders and a bird bath right out my window. Lots of Carolina chickadees..and Cardinals, and a red headed woodpecker.

  3. God bless Brett and his cocktail, but I have to know exactly what kind and how he made it. And wait, "The bird is common in Britain and ON THE CONTINENT"?(emphasis through capitalization my own)? Oooh, so cosmopolitan.