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Sunday, January 22, 2012

I can DO that!!

  I  can mail a letter!  I can ride the bus!  I can read!   Very excited because this weekend, we visited the main post office where we learned what one has to do to mail a letter to the USA.  You need a "Priority" sticker and a one euro stamp.  We learned where to find mail boxes which are a little bit harder to find that the big blue ones in the US.  (Because of this progress, Jackson will get a birthday card.  Yay!)

   Next we found out how to buy bus passes and got a map of the bus/tram/train routes.  Therefore, I know how to go to my gym and how to go to my French lessons.  The ticket agent was awesome and helpful and fluent in English.    I took my first French placement exam.  Sorry, Madame Morck from Skyline High School Class of 1967, but four years of your wonderful tutelage in high school have been largely forgotten.  I think I may have passed the "barely beginner exam"   but will start real lessons on Tuesday.

   Finally, our next door neighbors, Valery and Emilie, invited us for drinks last night.  Emilie made many wonderful hors d'oevres, THEN Champage, then white wine, then red wine, then dessert wine, then more Champage.  They speak very good English and it was nice to meet some new people.  And they have some excellent wine.

  So far, we have a couple of folks who say they plan to visit.  We so so so hope that happens.  And it's garbage day tomorrow and I'm totally confident that our garbage will not be rejected again.


  1. Yay!!! Sounds like things are getting better! I still miss you!

  2. This is better. I am missing you both horribly, but am cheered to my gray roots to read that life is looking up. When will Brett smoke some pork for Valery and Emilie?

  3. Things are definitely looking up! And yay for good neighbors with lots of good wine! Miss you though.